Vincent Gabriels

9 August 2021

Good morning team, Last week I received the two planes I ordered. I really love them. Thank you very much for the hard and beautiful work.

Alistair Ward

28 June 2021

Hello again Mr Maricris, I am very pleased with my B737 model. Your craftsmen have done an excellent job in construction and painting. Their attention to detail is first class and the model is an exact replica of the B737 that I fly for Qantas. Thank you once again for your communication in these difficult times.

Andrew Browne

14 June 2021

Hi everyone, Just to let you know the parcel arrived on Monday and the models are great. Thank you so much.

Rita Fritsch

11 June 2021

Hello Maricris, I just wanted to let you know that the airplane arrived today, and my husband is very happy with it. Thank you for all your help.

Bert Janssen

27 May 2021

Dear Modelbuffs, The models are great, Very well made craftsmanship. Thank you for the good work on all of you.

Thibaut Quatrepoint

22 May 2021

Hi Maricris, The model was delivered to me today by UPS. It looks even greater than it did on the pictures! Thank you to all the people involved in the making of this model, the result is wonderful! Also, thank you for your continued support and regular updates during the whole process!

William Garlin

12 May 2021

I just wanted to let you all know that the model was received in perfect condition. It looks wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work in making it as accurate as possible.

Federico Angelo Montinola

3 May 2021

Good day! I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing work you guys do at Model Buffs. I received my model and could not be more impressed with the workmanship. I appreciated all the updates and although I was not able to reply to them, it was nice to know the progress happening. I have attached some photos of the model to also let you know that it had arrived without any damages and completely intact. I was also wondering if you have any social media accounts such as Instagram because I believe that it would be a great place to showcase all the models that you build but that's just my opinion. Anyway, Thank you so much! I am 100% satisfied.

Shelley Kleemann

30 April 2021

I wanted to say thank you. The model has arrived and has been opened!!!! It is AMAZING!!!! My husband is so impressed and just loves it specially the craftmanship. Thank you again.

Stuart Usher

29 April 2021

I just got back from the south of Western Australia and the parcel was here when I got back. The model is great thanks. I'm very pleased with it and I may come back to you with something else in a little while. Thanks to all of you for being such a pleasure to deal with.

Rob Ray

27 April 2021

Outstanding product with great customer service. Model exceeded our expectations! Thanks.

Hugh Knox

17 April 2021

Just to inform that I received my Saab 340 and I’m absolutely thrilled by the work. This is my second model of aircraft that I’ve purchased, and I will soon be purchasing another one. I was informed that every step of the model process and was truly impressed not just by the communication but the mastery of art.

Fred Niven

7 April 2021

Hi Danica, The 4 models were delivered today, safe-and-sound. They look great. Please pass on my sincere thanks to all involved.

Jonathan Bilham

17 March 2021

Thank you very much! The model arrived today and it looks better than the pictures!! Again, your teams workmanship is top notch!! This is my third model and this one I love the most. Thank you and everyone on your team so much.

Grant Brittain

12 March 2021

Thank you so much for sending my model and tail rotor for a previous order. Outstanding work again team at Model Buffs. Keep up the fantastic craftsmanship.

Kevin Trepanier

12 March 2021

Good morning. Phillip picked his model up today from UPS and was very happy with the great job you did with the model. Thank you again.

Christian Sterne

8 March 2021

Hello, I received the models the other day. Just like the first one I ordered from you, these two are exactly what I expect from your company. Your craftsman are true artisans, and the quality of their work shows in the models. Thank you again and look forward to purchasing more in the future.

Lincoln Quigley

28 February 2021

Hi Maricris, The plaques arrived this AM & in marvelous shape. Thanks again to all of the skilled artists & others, who made them possible.


23 February 2021

To all plane arts staff: I am very grateful for your good craft work recreating the model, I also liked the excellent communication thanks.

Mike Jones

9 February 2021

Model received in perfect condition on Monday 7th, thank you.

Michelle Loughery

8 February 2021

It looks WONDERFUL! Seriously it's perfect, I'm so excited to see it in person. You guys have been wonderful to work with!

Rich Medina

8 February 2021

My model arrived. It’s beautiful. I am very happy to finally get it after a long wait.

Roger McDonald

28 January 2021

Hello Maricris, Just want to tell you the model arrived on Monday evening -in record time, I think. I am delighted with the model – you did a great job. Maybe when I show it to friends, they will want one too!! Thanks for being a great partner in bringing the model to fruition – thanks. It arrived in good condition – excellent packed.

Melinda Tiago

14 January 2021

Hello! Thank you so much we have received the order! They look great exactly what we were looking for. When we are ready, we will most likely be ordering more models!

Ian Rae

29 December 2019

Good morning Womb, Again thank you for the SAAB 340 Pelair that was exquisitely made that arrived in Sydney. Would you be able to advise me what the cost delivered to Sydney would be for a model of the West Wind VH-AJV as per the attached photo please. I look forward to your reply.

Jeff Turcotte

December 7 2019

Hi Danica, the model looks awesome, thank you!

Cliff Pleggenkuhle

2 December 2019

Hello I got my model yesterday. Everything was great.

Jared Arceneaux

1 November 2019

I received my BH412 model. All I can say is wow! This is the best model I've gotten from your company yet. Amazing attention to detail. The artist for this one got it right on point! This makes my 8th model with your company. I will be ordering another model with the same color codes, a BH407GXP. I'll send the pits and order in soon. Thanks!

Ian Rae

31 October 2019

Dear Michaella, the model looks exquisite. You are definitely craftsman and artists. am very happy with the detail and finish. Thank you very much. Please complete the aircraft and ship when ready. Again thank you for such a great job.

Mark Sliedrecht

30 September 2019

Hi Marilet, thank you for delivering as you stated on the 28th. I immediately reviewed. Then took some time to look at it again yesterday and today. Much progress is in the model. Thanks! I think this should be my feedback.


6 September 2019

Hello, Michaella. It came in yesterday and look fantastic. I am very pleased. Your company did an outstanding job of performing as promised and keeping me informed all along the way. If am ever in the market for another desk model, you will be my first call.

David Mcclelland

5 September 2019

Hello. Just an update. The parcel arrived today and the model is beautiful. Thank you very much.

Tammy Tan

August 19 2019

To whom it may concern, we received the products today, and they are really sophisticated!!! We love it, thank you for the hard work, we look forward to ordering another model in the future.

Luis Vallhonrat

12 August 2019

Oh and one more thing, your customer service was excellent as well. You guys kept me in the loop with updates and pictures, and also made the necessary changes I asked for. Keep up the good work! Thank you! By the way, about 3 months ago I ordered another plane from you guys, N612UA, United Airlines. I received the aircraft. WOW! It is a beautiful plane! Thank you so much!

Andrew Browne

23 July 2019

Michaella, I have finally been able to get my hands on the models and they look absolutely fantastic. Thank you very much again for delivering such a great item, well am very happy with the result.

Keith Yearley

29 June 2019

Hi Michaella, just to let you know that my beautiful model of spitfire MJ627 arrived this morning. I am delighted with the model whic I will treasure. Please convey my thanks to your team of craftsmen and women for producing such a lovely model of the plane that I had the privilege to fly in last summer.

Sherry Lassiter

21 June 2019

Received the plane and it looked great! Thank you guys so much.

Ronald Lane

18 June 2019

Thank you my airplane is perfect. Do you have an AG air tractor?

Richard Sottile

22 May 2019

It is ABSOLUTLEY BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't be happier. It was worth the wait. Thank you.

Christian Kummer

9 May 2019

Hi Adrian, many thanks to all! Great work!

Ronnie Aroety

20 April 2019

Hello Mrs. Marilet, just received the models today. Wow, I must say amazing work. They look so perfect. I am highly satisfied. I might have a couple more models that I would like to build. Thank you for an amazing job and I am sure we will be in touch in the future.

Barb Matesich

4 April 2019

The model arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much, it's beautiful and my son loves it.

Barbara Perrault

March 21 2019

Hi Michaella, sorry for delay in response. I do not have Internet access at home so I have to wait until I can be at a wi-fi location. I love, love, love my beautiful airplane! Please let your wonderful craftsmen know I will cherish it forever! Here is a picture of your happy model owner! (Please show this to Adrian too.) Thank you for everything!


March 13 2019

Hello Marilet, I hope this email finds you well. The Airbus A320 arrived safely yesterday afternoon (11 March) and looks fantastic! Howard is very happy. A million thanks once again to everyone who made this order a reality.

Greg Jarchow

March 5 2019

Hi, I received the model and it is perfect. Thank you all for your hard work. I really appreciate it. I will recommend you to other pilots who also like to collect models of planes they've flown. Until the next model I order, take care and best wishes.

Don Lincoln

4 February 2019

Arrived! Michaella — I'm a bit late letting you know, it actually arrived on 1/24, and I'm very pleased with it! I removed the old plastic plaque that previously hung on my wall and, as you can see from the photos I've attached, the new one has become the center-piece of my CG mementos, which give snap-shots of my 30-yr career. Once again, thanks all-around for your patience and attention to detail in for crafting this beautiful work of art!

Allen Maris

13 January 2019

Hello Everyone, the model arrived in good condition and it looks great. Thank you!

Richard Somerville

20 December 2018

Hello Michaella, I just wanted to say I have received the model of the King Air and it is excellent, very accurate - l am very pleased with it. Thank you and your team very much indeed for all their work and skill. Hook forward to ordering another model in the future.

Pat Kerry

18 December 2018

This is amazing news Michaella! I so appreciate your efforts to have my order completed for Christmas. If it doesn't happen to arrive before the day for some reason, I know that you did your absolute best to make it happen. Can't wait to see it — thank you and Merry Christmas or holiday greeting as appropriate for you and the rest of the team at Modelbuffs.

Greg Pars

14 December 2018

Michaella, the model arrived yesterday. I am really happy_ with it. Came out very nice. I think the changes I requested and you made really enhanced the appearance. It was a little larger than I expected as my other models are to a lesser scale but that is fine. Makes me wish the others were the same. I've attached some pictures of where I'm displaying it and one showing my other models. I'll be ordering the H-34 model sometime in the next week or so. The packaging was excellent. Didn't know I ordered from something different than ModelBuffs. Guess it's all the same. Bottom line is I got what I wanted. If I did a review I guess it would be on modelbuffs.com - right?

Mark Beletich

2 December 2018

Hi Kath, am very happy with my model you have manufactured for me... great job! I Would wish to have another model made please. This one is the other model I flew when working for the Royal Flying Doctors service. Have attached photos of the plane. Can you let me know if it is possible?

Randy Perrett

11 November 2018

Hello. Just to advise we received the new plaque. Everything is fine. Thank you for your support and for another excellent model.

Graham Robinson

05 October 2018

Dear Michaella, the RAF Beverley arrived this morning. It has been so well packed with the separating wooden Bowles that only ventured to look under one corner. What I saw looked fantastic. can't wait until Christmas when my grandson will open it. I will of course put the little propellers and stand on for him. I know he will be thrilled with it as shall I. He loves listening to my tales of the Royal Airforce of 60+ years ago. This will help to make them come more to life. Please thank your craftsman for doing such a brilliant work of an. Thank you Michaella for being such a great communicator regarding the model's development plus the really helpful group of photographs for my approval before you finalised the model. Absolutely first class customer service from you. I wish all companies had such dedicated people as you! Be assured that should I need another model I will most certainly come to you and would definitely recommend your company to my friends. Well done in every respect!

Michael Arends

08 July 2017

Today I received the model. It is beautiful. Thank you very much. I hope to order more in the future. You do great work.

Stefanie Comes

13 March 2017

Hello everybody, wanted to tell them that the aircrafts is well arrived last Thursday. The are very marvelous and we are so happy. Thanks for all and have a great day!

Michael Renaud

01 March 2017

Hi Marilet, just wanted to pass on my appreciation for your quick response and your professional approach. It's one of the reasons I have returned to ModelBuffs.

Randy Perrett

26 February 26 2017

Mace, just a short note to advise that we received the model today with no issues. My son is thrilled with it - exceptionally accurate and well done. Please accept our sincere thank you. I would also ask that you pass along our thanks to your craftsmen/craftwomen - outstanding work. Thanks.

Mike Stephberg

20 February 2017

Dear Marilet, thanks for your note and photos. My Cessna looks absolutely perfect. You have done a wonderful job. I see nothing to be changed. Thank you for this. I am looking forward to proudly displaying my plane.

Daniel Orth

15 February 2017

Dear Modelbuff team, Your model is truly good! I am interested in buying additional three planes of the same model with the same layout, painting and so on.

Keith Hilton

6 February 2017

Modelbuffs, Thank you so much for my latest model. I received it last week and it was beautiful! I would like to order a model of a Rollanden Schneider LS-3 sailplane. I've attached photos and drawings. I would like the main landing gear retracted. Please let me know if you require additional information. Thanks!

Mathias Bleier

31 January 2017

Dear Mrs. Pangilinan, today the model was delivered to my parents. I already received photos and the info that the model is very impressive! I personally will take a closer look to it as soon as i visit my parents again. Until then, thank you for correspondence and thanks to your colleagues for the good job!

Max Robins

19 January 2017

Hi Marilet, the Beech 1900d model arrived today and I am delighted with it and I am sure my son Justin will be too as this aircraft was the first he flew for Air New Zealand and he will be so pleased to have such a nice representation of it.

Glen Macinnis

10 January 2017

Thank you all for your help getting this for my dad. He received it and now the model looks like new again!

Edita Vitova

31 December 2016

Hi I recieved package. Everything is perfect.

Richard Novossiltzeff

29 December 2016

Hello April, surprise... my model arrived this morning! I wasn't expecting it for another 2 weeks and I have to thank you for a nice job done on the model - very well done! All the best for the future of your business.

Arlie C. Griffis, Jr.

28 December 2016

Thanks! It arrived and they both look super great, outstanding work on both of them. I will be sending the photos for my next order soon.