Working from your photographs and our library of aircraft blueprints, our master craftsmen will meticulously recreate your airplane into an amazing detailed and customized desktop replica. Each model is hand carved from solid mahogany or alternatively from solid cast resin and completely hand painted to match your aircraft paint scheme and registration number.

No detail will be spared! We attach as many of the original details of the real airplane as possible including antennas, wire lines, riggings, steps, pitot tubes, wipers, armament and weapons and loads.

    Click here to view Pantone Color Chart

    Photos of your desired model (maximum of 8 images only)

    How does it work?

    We can make almost any desk model to the highest of specifications. If we have not made a particular model before then we will get scale plans and use our own digital pictures of the aircraft or get them from stock sources. You can also supply your own digital pictures if you have them. You can also specify the scale of your customised model.

    Where to get images of your favorite plane?

    Visit a common airline spotters website such as Airliners and get the URL of your favorite plane model. Send it via our contact form.

    What if I want a specific color on my model planes?

    Color schemes both actual and to your design can be applied. As it is sometimes difficult for us to see from digital images the exact color of certain parts of the plane it would help if you could let us have the closest Pantone color for each part of section of the body. This can easily done by checking our Pantone color chart and select the closest color match.

    How long does it take?

    Custom made models can be produced in 10-12 weeks from receiving full specifications from the customer. Prior to despatch digital photos will be sent to the customer showing the final finished product.

    Can I choose what display stand to use?

    Display stands are solid mahogany (matt or gloss finish) or mahogany with stainless steel support. We can also produce stands exactly to your own specifications. Logos and inscriptions (brass plaques if required) can be applied to the stand, detailing owner or pilot information or to recognise a special occasion. If you have any further questions email us through our contact form to discuss your specific needs.