Working from your photographs and our library of aircraft blueprints, our master craftsmen will meticulously recreate your airplane into an amazing detailed and customized desktop replica. Each model is hand carved from solid mahogany or alternatively from solid cast resin and completely hand painted to match your aircraft paint scheme and registration number. 

Depending on the size and complexity of the model and our factory loading at the time the normal production time will be in the region of 9-10 weeks.

No detail will be spared! We attach as many of the original details of the real airplane as possible including antennas, wire lines, riggings, steps, pitot tubes, wipers, armament and weapons and loads (if applicable).

    Click here to view Pantone Color Chart

    Photos of your desired model (maximum of 8 images only, 5mb max per image)

    PlaneArts Made to Order Form:  How to Complete It

    Step 1: Personal Details

    • Full Name: Enter your full name for identification.
    • Contact Information: Provide your phone number and email address so we can update you on the status of your order.
    • Shipping Address: Make sure to enter the correct address where you want the model delivered.

    Step 2: Model Selection

    • Aircraft Type: Give details of the type of aircraft you’d like a model of including the manufacturer, type and variant if necessary.
    • Scale: Choose your preferred scale from available options like 17.00 inches  (43.20 Cm.) in length or wingspan or even the scale you require such as 1:48, 1:72 
    • Material: Select your preferred material – Philippine Mahogany (or most common version) or Solid Cast Resin (model identical to the wood version but slightly more expensive).

    Step 3: Customization

    • Livery and Paint Scheme: Specify your desired livery and paint scheme and attach images where possible.  A Pantone color reference will also help for customization when matching the image color content.
    • Markings/Decals: Indicate any specific insignias, logos, or registration numbers you want on the model.
    • Additional Features: Choose additional features like personalization of the N, Tail or Registration Number, a transparent cockpit or cabin version, fixed retracted or deployed landing gear etc. etc.
    • Ideally and very importantly please attach up to 8 images of the actual aircraft buy using the image upload facility in the form below.

    Step 4: Add-ons

    Step 5: Payment Information

    • Payment Method: Advise your preferred payment method from options like Credit Card, PayPal, or Bank Wire Transfer.
    • Deposit (if applicable): Normally for Made to Order Models we require a 50% deposit on the price of the model only with the balance payable together with freight after approval of the model and before dispatch.  Once your order is processed our work begins immediately. We start assembling your production packet, assign your model an order number as well as many other behind the scenes preparations; for this reason all custom model deposits are non-refundable

    Step 6: Review and Submit

    Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email outlining your choices and the expected timeline for the production and delivery of your custom model airplane.

    If you have any questions or require further clarification at any stage, don’t hesitate to contact us.