Early Aviation

The years between World War I (1) and World War II (2) saw a large advancement in aircraft technology. Airplanes evolved from being constructed of mostly wood and canvas to being constructed almost entirely of aluminium. Engine development proceeded apace, with engines moving from in-line water cooled gasoline engines to rotary air cooled engines, with a commensurate increase in propulsive power. Pushing all of this forward were prizes for distance and speed records. For example Charles Lindbergh did the first solo non-stop crossing of the Atlantic. PlaneArts celebrates this era with the production of finely detailed vintage mahogany wood models such as the Tiger Moth, the "Spirit of St. Louis" and the Sopwith Camel. 

Our scale handmade Early Aviation airplane models exhibit unique, unrivaled quality and detailed design to come as close as possible to the accuracy of the actual aircraft. Each custom-built wooden or resin model comes standard with a robust , durable base or stand which if necessary is available in a variety of different finishes designed to match your own personal requirements including solid wood, (or resin), wood with polished chrome steel supports or adjustable wood wall mount.  

If the model you require is not listed we can still make the one you require.  Models in any size or scale and custom-made from solid kiln dried mahogany wood or solid cast resin. Just let us know your requirements by clicking on this link to our Made to Order form or email us by clicking here.