Airships Blimps Balloons Dirigibles

Blimps, keel airships and dirigibles are all kinds of airships. Blimps are also called non-rigid airships. They have big bags sewn like a cigar that is filled with helium gas. Keel airships are also called semi-rigid airships. They have one big long gondola shaped like a pole (keel), and are a hybrid between blimps and dirigibles. Dirigibles are also called rigid airships. They have a rigid framework made of longitudinal girders and cross rings.

Our custom-made scale airship, blimp or dirigible models exhibit unique, unrivaled quality and detailed design to come as close as possible to the accuracy of the actual aircraft. Each model comes standard with a robust , durable base or stand which if necessary is available in a variety of different finishes designed to match your own personal requirements including solid wood, (or resin), wood with polished chrome steel supports or adjustable wood wall mount.

We can also make custom-built replica wood bespoke scale replicas of any other private / civilian commercial airliner or airliners, helicopter, glider, gliders with engines, military jet, warplane jets, propeller warplanes, biplane, triplane, tail fin, spacecraft, rocket or NASA model you require in any airline, military or civilian livery or colors. We also produce model airship, blimp, dirigible, boat and ship collectibles. Wall plaques or seals for military, government or private customers. Wholesale and retail and general customization inquiries welcome.

If the model you require is not listed we can still make the one you require. Models in any size or scale and made from solid kiln dried mahogany wood or solid cast resin. Just let us know your requirements by clicking on this link to our Made to Order form or email us by clicking here.